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      公司总资产1.5亿元,现有职工300多名,工作车间30000多平方米,各类加工检测设施齐全。成套的生产设备和严格的生产运营管理确保了产品质量,公司针对每一个客户订单均有一套完整运作机制,从技术、工艺要求到计划下达、生产安排、施工组织、质量监控、等环节均进行严密控制,严格按照 ISO9001 : 2000 版质量体系要求组织生产。

      D&B ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING CO.,LTD is located by the side of beautiful Taihu lake---Hudai Town, Binhu District, Wuxi City. Water and land transportationis very convenient, Xi-yi highway goes through the town and water transportationZhihugang water connects to Nantong Taihu lake on the south, connects to Beijing-HangzhouGrand Canal on the north, and adjacent to the National Tourist Resort - Lingshan scenic spot. It is both a tourist attraction and a developed town.
      The company is a science and technology environmental protection enterprise which specializes -in the prevention and control of air pollution, which integrates research, development, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, operation and service. It can realize complete set of control equipment turnkey project of air pollution prevention as dust removal, desulfurization, deacidification and denitrification. It has successively cooperated with the United States GE, Austria AEE,Sweden Flakt, France ALSTOM and other global well-known atmospheric environmental protection company, and has summed up the thirty years’ experience of design, manufacturing and application, has conducted research and development,combining the characteristics of various industrial furnace exhaust gas in all conditions in our country, has now launched the electrostatic precipitator, wet electrostatic precipitator and bag dust collector, electric bag filter and desulfurization, acid removal, denitrification pneumatic ash conveying eight categories and several series. After years of development, it has established sales channels of metallurgy, electricity power, building materials industries , Waste incineration,products are widely sold throughout the country.
      The company was founded in 1983 and restructured in 2011, in the operation of the company ,it strictly regulates the behavior of joint-stock companies,in the light of the Company Law and the modernenterprise management system, does its best to converge with international operation standards in same industries.It has won the trust of clients with good cooperate reputation,high quality products, perfect after sales services.The company 's total investment is 150 million CNY,it has more than 300 employees, workshop of more than 30,000 sqm,it is fully equipped with all types of processing and testing facilities.Advanced production equipment and strict production and operation management has ensured its product quality,the company has a complete set of operational mechanisms for each customer, it strictly controls each link as technique,technological requirements,plan issued, production arrangement,construction organizations,quality control, it strictly complies with ISO9001:2008 quality system requirement when arranging production.
      The company brings in the talents to be engaged in dust removal, desulfurization, deacidification and development of denitrification, at the same time, it has obtained a series of certificates as Environmental Pollution Treatment Facility Operation Qualification, Environmental Engineering Design Certificate, Environmental Engineering Contractor Qualification Certificate, China Environmental Protection Product Quality Trustworthy Key Brand Certificate, Chinese Brand-name Products, Jiangsu Market Recognized Brand Certificate and Contract and Trustworthy Enterprises, Jiangsu Province High-tech Enterprises,National Scientific and Technological Achievement Key Promoting Planning Certificate, National High-tech Product Certification certificate; it actively explores the market, earns wide praise from customer both abroad and home, with first-class technology, and excellent product quality.
      The company relies on mature technology and strong strength, improves the quality of service, and provides users with one-stop service as design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after-sales service.
      In the new situation of increasingly stringent environmental requirements, increasingly fierce competition in the market, constantly strives to forge ahead, adheres to innovation, and strives to be better, sincerely cooperate with you for a common goal of creating the blue sky, and striving to create a better life!

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